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A Guide to Lamping

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Have you ever wondered how many lamps you need to use to get a skill to 99? Well look no further, here is a guide to lamping!

What is lamping?

Lamping is the fastest way to level up your stats in Elvarg! Through the use of xp lamps you can get any stat (besides gambling and scavenger) to 99 within seconds!


Where can I get lamps?

There are a couple of main places to get lamps.

Non donators can get them from the mini versions of KBD and General Graardor. These npcs can be found via the mini boss leader at home. It costs 500m to tp to the minibosses. Soulsplit and a fast hitting weapon are highly suggested.


Non-Donators can also get lamps from the raids at ::Raidhub.

These enemies are typically taken down as a team, and are not easy.

Donators have the best way to get lamps, which is through killing Glo's hoe.


These npc's commonly drop lamps, and can be found at ::donorboss, or the extreme zone.

Get on with the lamping!


On a Hardcore account it takes 24 lamps to get a stat from level 1 to 99 with a double xp ring.

It took 58 lamps without a double xp ring.

For some reason Runecrafting only took 6 lamps on my hardcore, kind of weird.

Lamps are weird, use a double xp ring when lamping. Normal accounts need like 6 lamps to 99 a skill.


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