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Slayer QOL Suggestion

Hey guys Wham here with a suggestion about slayer. I've been grinding slayer pretty hard in this first week of the game and there are a couple of Quality of Life changes it really needs. 


The first and most annoying issue with Slayer are miniboss tasks. These tasks are painfully slow because the best way to kill them you have to climb up and down a bunch of ladders and kill one per floor. My suggestion would be to make an area similar to the ::train area but it is full of minibosses. 


The second issue is still minibosses. The mini KBD for some reason has a super long re spawn time. Pls fix.


The third suggestion is a buff. Ive done over 60 tasks and have never upgraded my common slayer key. The drop rate is way too low at this point in time. 


4- Slayer shops should not be locked behind prestige. Its a pointless lock on the shops that isn't needed. Prestiging already gives you a big damage buff, no need to lock more things behind it. 


5- There is only one nex that is attackable.


6- respawn timers on Scorpia and Veninatis need to be reduced, tons of down time between kills.


7- The slayer pet costs too many points in the shop. It should be 2.5k or 5k points. or instead of changing the cost of the pet, base slayer points per task could be buffed as well as the streak points that are recieved. 


I love slayer, and these changes will make it way more fun and rewarding.


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We'll certainly look at these suggestions, thanks.

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