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    A Guide to Lamping

    Have you ever wondered how many lamps you need to use to get a skill to 99? Well look no further, here is a guide to lamping! What is lamping? Lamping is the fastest way to level up your stats in Elvarg! Through the use of xp lamps you can get any stat (besides gambling and scavenger) to 99 within seconds! Where can I get lamps? There are a couple of main places to get lamps. Non donators can get them from the mini versions of KBD and General Graardor. These npcs can be found via the mini boss leader at home. It costs 500m to tp to the minibosses. Soulsplit and a fast hitting weapon are highly suggested. Non-Donators can also get lamps from the raids at ::Raidhub. These enemies are typically taken down as a team, and are not easy. Donators have the best way to get lamps, which is through killing Glo's hoe. These npc's commonly drop lamps, and can be found at ::donorboss, or the extreme zone. Get on with the lamping! ok On a Hardcore account it takes 24 lamps to get a stat from level 1 to 99 with a double xp ring. It took 58 lamps without a double xp ring. For some reason Runecrafting only took 6 lamps on my hardcore, kind of weird. Lamps are weird, use a double xp ring when lamping. Normal accounts need like 6 lamps to 99 a skill. Yeet
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    Slayer QOL Suggestion

    Hey guys Wham here with a suggestion about slayer. I've been grinding slayer pretty hard in this first week of the game and there are a couple of Quality of Life changes it really needs. The first and most annoying issue with Slayer are miniboss tasks. These tasks are painfully slow because the best way to kill them you have to climb up and down a bunch of ladders and kill one per floor. My suggestion would be to make an area similar to the ::train area but it is full of minibosses. The second issue is still minibosses. The mini KBD for some reason has a super long re spawn time. Pls fix. The third suggestion is a buff. Ive done over 60 tasks and have never upgraded my common slayer key. The drop rate is way too low at this point in time. 4- Slayer shops should not be locked behind prestige. Its a pointless lock on the shops that isn't needed. Prestiging already gives you a big damage buff, no need to lock more things behind it. 5- There is only one nex that is attackable. 6- respawn timers on Scorpia and Veninatis need to be reduced, tons of down time between kills. 7- The slayer pet costs too many points in the shop. It should be 2.5k or 5k points. or instead of changing the cost of the pet, base slayer points per task could be buffed as well as the streak points that are recieved. I love slayer, and these changes will make it way more fun and rewarding.
  3. Hey guys Wham here with my first "Loot From" post! I got to 125 woodcutting so that I could cut dream trees and get Eagle's nests. Here are the logs and nests I got from 2000! Out of the 2000 logs I got 35 Eagle's nests. When cutting dream trees, you can only get nests when the tree falls, so replication will not always be accurate when it comes to logs/eagle's nests. Without further ado, here's the loot! Wooooooooooo! Ring of wealth (i)!!!! This ring gives +10% loot drop, a great ring for any player. Thanks for checking out my post! Pm me in game if you need any help with your game! ign: Wham
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    A Very Basic Starter Guide

    Thanks for the feedback! my next one will be better. Can't figure out how to edit my post.
  5. Wham

    A Very Basic Starter Guide

    Hey guys this guide is going to cover the first couple of hours of the game. There are many different paths you could take at the beginning of the game, but this is how I like to start out. What do I do? The first thing I do on a new account is get 99 melees and ranged. To train melee you want to equip your starter gear and gravity hammer. I always train strength first because it is the stat that will make you hit higher, thus increasing your xp rates exponentially. Where do I train? The best place to start your training is at ::mbox. At this teleport you can kill penguins that won't hit you and have very good drops. Penguins drop Mystery boxes, Crystal Keys, and Penguin Bones which are all worth picking up. Crystal Keys allow you to open the crystal chest in the bank at ::Home. This chest can give you some good items, like an amulet of fury or a ring of wealth. You can use your stack of penguin bones on the altar at ::arcade for increased prayer xp. What about the Mystery Boxes? This is where a lot of people mess up. It can be very tempting to open your first mystery box but DON'T. It's a trap. Are you tired of that horrible gravity hammer? Well now is the time to upgrade. Step 1: Kill penguins until you have 3 Mboxes. Step 2: Go to ::home and sell your mboxes to the ticket dealer She buys them for 100B a piece. (Ticket dealer is in the house with the smithing icon south east @ ::home.) Step 3: Trade Sandi Ewoks Weapons North East at home and Purchase a Diamond Age Sword. This sword is way better than the gravity hammer and will boost your dps a ton. What gear do I get next? Once you have a couple of 99's you will have some spins that you can use in your spins tab. This is the second tab from the bottom right of your inventory. Use these. You shouldn't expect much from them but there is a chance you get some flame torva or some sort of gear upgrade. Now you should farm drygore off-hands. Trade Candi's Armour @ ::home to buy drygore off hands for 3b each. You then wanna go to ::upgrade and try to upgrade your drygores. This could take a while and you lose every drygore that you fail to upgrade, but thats not a problem because they are cheap and selling one mbox buys you 33 chances at an upgrade. Farm mboxes, sell them, and upgrade drygores until you succeed in getting an Off-hand Drygore (U). What now? This is the point where your path diverges based on what you want to do. I typically stick to ::mbox and start opening the mboxes and crystal keys until I have the following items: Mbox pet, Double XP Ring, Royal sicle. I also like to do clue scrolls and I have found penguins are the best way to farm them. You could also go to ::Starterboss and farm torquats for a royal sicle and wolverine torva. Good luck! Feel free to pm me ingame if you have any questions. My ign is Wham