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    Update Log #1

    + 3/29/2019 Release Fixes: - Vote - Fixed not being able to claim - Hiscores - Fixed not being uploaded to website - Auto Donation - Fixed not being able to claim - Fixed a global DC that kicked everyone off the game - Formatted players name in clan chat - Rights icons now show in the clan chat - Fixed "forgot" being labeled as spam - Added missing objects to home - Instance NPC'S Drops Modified: + Barrelchest + Bork + Chaos Elemental + Dragonbone + Flame Pernix + Flame Torva + Groudon + Icy Skeleton + Magegrey + Necromancer + Nex + Olaf + Phoenix + Sea Troll Queen + Shadowking + Tank + Trinity + Vetion + Zulra + All Other npcs ingame has had there drop modified also. All Instances of raids drops modified also + Improved the starter gear weapons + Collection box is now at home in the bank + Reduced health on a select few starter NPCS + Fixed voting, would only let you claim 1 vote and take the others. + Equipment clue fix that's related to not working due to home change + Fixed formatting of clan name + Fixed crowns in clan + Removed 2 Factor Authentication Saving at the moment due to it preventing players from logging in. - Client + Fixed Frame links all linking to elvarg + Fixed sprite issue with donator icons looking weird with white border + Fixed squeal of fortune sprite BEING WORKED ON: Tekton Armour and Longsword w/Custom Tekton Boss! Vorkath Coded Perfectly to OSRS w/Vorkath Armour